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4-year-old Library/Circle Time Area

4-year-old Library/Circle Time Area

Brooklyn Treehouse Preschool is a place of action.  Our vast 3,200 square foot preschool is a brand new, state-of-the-art learning center that provides ample space for your child to enjoy purposeful activity.

We have built our preschool from the ground up.  Our school has been meticulously designed to be an environment that feels organic, comfortable, safe and visually inspiring.

The classrooms are carefully set up with a multitude of resources to spark your child’s curiosity and natural capacity for learning. Our flexible arrangements of various learning centers will encourage your child to make independent choices as their play flows into all areas of the room.

We have hand chosen every item assimilated into our classrooms and have performed rigorous evaluations before approving all educational tools.  We love organic materials, but also use the best of modern technology to benefit our students.  Our interactive Smart Board, for example, helps prepare your child’s developing brain with the skills required in today’s world.

Another advantage of our large facility is our indoor Movement Room that provides crucial physical activity for your child’s gross motor development.  We are also fortunate to have private outdoor space that will give your child the opportunity to safely enjoy outdoor activities, play and gardening.

Brooklyn Treehouse Preschool classrooms are alive with sounds of children at work – which is play to our ears.  We hope your child will join us!


Brooklyn Treehouse Preschool

Brooklyn Treehouse Preschool 4-year-old Classroom